Sunday, June 26, 2011


Monarch Gardens is now considering clients for summer and fall of 2011. SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER ARE A GREAT TIME TO GET PERENNIALS AND SHRUBS IN THE GROUND, GIVING THEM A HEAD START FOR 2012.

With natives you'll:
-- increase the amount of birds and butterflies in your landscape
-- reduce maintenance
-- increase soil health (and then plant health)
-- reduce water use
-- virtually eliminate chemical use.

If you're looking for a consultation on what native plants might work in your yard--from a small rain garden to several thousand square feet--or just need someone to give you some gardening advice in any way, please contact us. We can discuss topography, drainage, soil, pruning, plant care, placement, plant selection--anything's game. We'll even order / pick up plants for you, or go shopping with you at a nursery. Why not? Plants are fantastic, as are the insects and wildlife that flock to them.