Friday, September 28, 2012

Join Me at Houzz

I've started writing garden articles for Houzz, an online collection of home design, architecture, and landscape professionals--really, a community of nesters. 7 million folks visit the site each month looking for ideas, sharing tips and pics, asking questions, etc.

I'm the central Great Plains gardening expert (a title that humbles me, really), and I write monthly garden guides as well as plant profiles--and you know we're talking native prairie plants with sustainable, non-chemical gardening practices and design.

So far I've profiled indian grass, milkweed, and liatris in the last month, with many more in the pipeline. Come on over, the water's fine.  

And while you're linking to things, why not read a feature article on drought tolerant natives featuring my garden in the Omaha World Herald

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Native?

I had to share with you this wonderful blog post from Prairie Nursery up in Wisconsin on why native plants are so incredible esthetically, ecologically, energy-wise, and economically. Go read their full list!