Monday, June 24, 2013

Urban Gardens Need Native Pollinator Plants

Urban vegetable and fruit gardens are gaining in popularity, as they should, but many of those veg and fruits require insect pollination -- and we need to support those insects with native wildflowers. I just adore this article:

"Urban activists should celebrate the indigenous wildflowers that sustain our pollinators beyond the short life span of fruit tree blossoms. In addition, we should incorporate native edibles into the planting palette. Blueberries, Juneberries and beach plums feed more species than just us humans.

Here is what you will not see in a vista full of fruit trees: a surge of migrating monarchs, a dizzying constellation of wild bees, the swoop of songbirds that feed on them. These natural phenomena still occur in cities, but have been marginalized. They should be reclaimed and put center stage in our public spaces. To do this, we need urban oases filled with native plants."

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