Monday, January 28, 2013

Tips on Planting Hell Strips and Lawn Alternatives

You know that area between the street and the sidewalk where even your lawn doesn't do well? What can we do better? Here's a nice piece with practical advice on plant choices and dealing with neighbors and the city.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prairie Making a Comeback in Suburbia

Good news as people begin to see the value of wildlife and more drought tolerant native species--especially as more and more prairie is plowed up for corn planting subsidies. Make a stand and plant with locally-native plant species in tune with your region's wildlife and weather cycles.

And link over here to explore our prairie region environment, with lists of native plants.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Upcoming Events this Spring

1) January 16, 11am-Noon cst -- I'll be on the radio program How's It Growing, talking native plants, gardening, spring clean up, whatever. You can catch the live stream here.

2) March 23, 10am, Finke Gardens & Nursery in Lincoln, NE -- Hosted by Finke and sponsored by Friends of Wilderness Park, I'll give a presentation on native plants (some growing in Wilderness Park) that are well-suited to the home landscape.

3) 4/21, Noon to 4pm, Lincoln Earth Day Party at Antelope Park -- We'll be selling plants and seeds and happy to talk to you about getting prairie plants in your home landscape. Books and photos for sale, too, along with some freebies and my good looks.

4) 4/27, 9am to 4pm, Spring Affair Plant Sale at Lancaster Event Center -- Selling plants and seeds, talking up a storm, giving away stuff, raffling a free 1 hour consultation at your home. It's the largest plant sale in the Midwest! Come at 9am and have your mind blown! (If you want, I'll even walk the tables with you and help select a few choice plants that will bring in the butterflies.)

5) 6/8, 9am to 1pm, Garden Club of Lincoln annual garden tour -- My garden will be open, free of charge, for anyone wanting to stop by. There will be a total of around six gardens open on this day. Come learn firsthand what works for me and get ideas for your own landscape. Refreshments and prairie seeds will be served.