Saturday, February 9, 2013

Native Plants Thrive in Drought

Nebraska has spent a long time in the severest drought category available, with no sign of let up. On the Plains we should be accustomed to such boom and bust cycles of moisture. Below is an image of some native plant root depths -- click on the image to expand.

You can see just how drought tolerant and resilient these plants will be once established. They may not look perfectly lush every year during a drought, but they're alive and will come back with full vigor the very second water returns -- you can't say that for most other plants we have in our gardens, and which you might have to replace or just fuss with too much. $$$

Further benefits include keeping soil in place while increasing soil fertility (which means less fertilizing), groundwater purification and storm water management, carbon sequestration, and of course the big one: major benefit to wildlife. Wait, and this: a lower maintenance garden that's thriving. Oh shoot, have another: when I'm standing in my garden as compared to my lawn, it actually feels a few degrees cooler (I'm serious).