Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Garden on Tour, and Plant Sale

My home garden will be on the Garden Club of Lincoln's annual tour on June 8 from 9am to 1pm. I'll have prairie seedlings and seeds for sale, along with other goodies. Look for info on the tour in the Lincoln Journal Star's Neighborhood Extra on June 1 and an article on June 2.

Hope you'll stop by and I can show you the adaptable native plants that thrive in Nebraska and bring in good wildlife. Again, I water twice a year (in a bad year) and spend 1-2 days cutting it down in March, and that's it. Of course, I'm out there every day messing around, but that's because, well, there's so much cool stuff going on!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Video Preaching

This Minnesota gardener had a dull, lifeless, barren small front lawn -- then she went native and started cataloging the exploding variety and number of wildlife. A testament to how easy and worthwhile it is to grow with site specific native plants.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Garden Speaking Flyer & Events

In addition to my personal consulting, I give lots of talks -- and want to give more! They are incredibly fun and energizing, and when black thumbs leave telling their spouses "we're planting a native prairie garden" I know the magic is in the air (true story!). I want to talk to your group! Here's a pdf link to the below flyer.

A reminder that on 5/15 I'll be in Omaha at the Ralston Library from noon to 1pm talking prairie wildflowers, and I'll be teaching another class at SCC in Lincoln on July 20.

Don't forget my landscape is on the Garden Club of Lincoln tour on June 8 from 9am-1pm. I'll have prairie seedling for sale cheap!

By the way -- I won't have to water my native plant garden for another two months at least. Why not create your own sustainable, low maintenance, pollinator and bird friendly landscape today? It's never too late... spring, summer, fall, whenever.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stop Planting Burning Bush

Great link here on why invasive non-native plants stink, and some good native alternatives. For burning bush, instead plant itea, purple-leaved ninebark, or eastern wahoo; all have stupendous red fall color like burning bush but support native wildlife (birds, bees, butterflies, etc). There is no such thing as a sterile non-native invasive plant -- so many revert to their spreading ways, alter soil chemistry, and harbor pests and diseases. Read the above link. Please. I'll send you a monarch butterfly or something if you do.