Garden Speaking

This is how much fun we'll have (plant milkweed!)
I've presented at local nurseries, regional garden clubs, local garden festivals, and taught extension courses at a community college. I'd love to talk with your garden club, church group, class, birthday or bachelorette party (right?) about native gardening and wildlife. Link here for a media printout, or see me speaking to 600 folks at Ignite Lincoln (a raucous mini TedX type event).

Some presentations I focus on include:

Butterfly Gardening -- Specific host plants for larvae, excellent native nectar plants, what several butterflies look like from egg to caterpillar to winged beauty and their life cycles. A great way to learn about native plants with kids. 

Rain Gardens -- How to create them, site them, and the many diverse native plant choices from flowers to grasses and sedges.

Native Nebraska Wildflowers -- From plants that love it wet to dry, spring to fall, I'll show off some of my unusual favorites and some hardy standbys. Also, plants that attract songbirds, hummingbirds, unique insects, and other wildlife.

Gardening Made Easier -- Strategies to create a truly low-maintenance garden based on native plants properly sited, organic methods of pest control, and fertilizing to encourage wildlife and soil health.

Monarch Butterflies -- Everything you'd ever want to know about these wonderful insects whose habitats are shrinking fast. The best milkweed, preferred nectar plants, how to raise them, and if available, caterpillars / chrysalises / butterflies to show off. Helping monarchs also helps many other insects, which are the base of a healthy garden ecosystem.

Writing Our Gardens -- Why keep a journal and plant log? How can you turn those into a piece of writing--like a short memoir or poem? We'll look at the learning and fun we can have by keeping records, doing research, and explore examples of garden poetry and essays by published writers to inspire our written wonder for the natural world.

Creating My Prairie Garden -- I'll relate the trials and tribulations of starting from scratch knowing nothing, and share anecdotes about plants, wildlife, and how I learned the hard (but rewarding) way from nature. Though I knew nothing at the beginning, my mother placed the gardening seed in me long ago, and it finally germinated when I hit my 30s.

Rates vary by travel distance and length of presentation. Please contact me and I'll be thrilled to work out a fee with you, or discuss another presentation topic or something a bit more interactive. Let's talk native plants and ecosystems! (I'll even include free botanical jokes.)

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  1. Having butterflies will not only beautify your garden but it will also protect your plants and flowers from pests. They will also help pollinate plants, propagation will be easier.