Services & Fees

I think the hardest part about designing a garden is seeing it before it’s there--having a vision, trusting that vision, and letting that vision morph as it comes into focus. I'll help you translate the feeling and evocation of your environment into a garden that works for you. Monarch Gardens isn’t an installation company or landscaper. We are an idea generating, consulting, and coaching company--we're here to jump start or supercharge a DIY love affair with native plants and wildlife. Here’s what we do:
$50 On Site Consultation
Fee is per hour within and around Lincoln. For spaces 30 minutes or more from downtown Lincoln, including Omaha, the fee will be $100 per hour (this covers mileage). 

Meet with you in your space to think about where a garden might work. We’ll use what you already have to think about garden design, like borrowed scenery, natural topography, light, soil conditions, and so much more. How can we translate what your space is to what it can be with minimal changes or additions to hardscape? Each space is different like a thumbprint.

Discuss native plants beneficial to insects, birds, and other wildlife -- plants that are interesting structurally and texturally, plants that bloom from April to October, plants that have year round interest.
$50 Guided Nursery Shopping
Fee is per hour ($75 outside Lincoln and in Omaha). We'll learn together, choosing what you enjoy and what works for your landscape, and seeing how to navigate all those intimidating rows of plants. We'll also pick up and deliver plants for a negotiated fee.
$100 Basic Plant List & Landscape Sketch
A guide for 10-12 species we will have discussed in your landscape, including perennials, grasses, trees, and shrubs. The list will include basic horticultural information like soil needs, growth habit, and wildlife value. In addition, we'll provide a rough sketch of your landscape with suggested placement of the plants. It's often hard to remember everything we talk about in just a one hour consult, so this is a great resource to refer back to time and again.

$200 Advanced Plant List & Landscape Sketch
A guide for 13-24 species, including all of the information in the basic plan above. 

$50 In-Person Plant Placement ($100 outside Lincoln or in Omaha)
Sometimes a sketch just doesn't work as well as actually being in the landscape, and additional questions might come up such as maintenance or future additions you'd like to make. Working together to place your plants is a great learning opportunity, particularly to discuss how to dig in pot-grown plants and what to look out for in the first year of establishment.
We'd also be interested in working with schools or neighborhoods 
to discuss and plan local teaching gardens full of native plants. 
*Monarch gardens does not guarantee plants, or guarantee a plant's survival in your garden. Plants die, whether because of a bad winter, poor genetics, hidden oil spills in the soil, or any number of things. Gardening must be done by trowel and error (get it?). The first year or two are the hardest for new plants, and you should be patient. If all goes well, the old adage of "sleep, creep, leap" will apply--namely, the third year is when the plants come into their own. However, most gardeners will tell you it takes ten years for a garden to mature nicely, though that's mostly concerned with woody shrubs and trees.

**Monarch Gardens receives no kick backs of any kind from local or online nurseries. We also do not have access to coupons or discounts other than what you'd find on your own. We're gardeners, too, just like you, waiting for end of season plant sales and free shipping offers.